First Aid


When Lightning X Products started over 20 years ago, we began as a gear bag company. With our personal, real-world experience as EMTs, we quickly realized that there was not an easy or cost-effective way for first responders to buy a stocked trauma bag to be able to run emergency calls in their personal vehicles. So we designed a series of stocked medical bags to fill this void in the industry.

From our Standard First Responder starter kit (LXMB20-SKB), to our line of Gunshot Wound IFAK’s (individual first aid kits) and all the way to our Premium Modular Trauma Kit (LXMB60-SKD) which even includes an oxygen cylinder and regulator –Lightning X has had you covered with a vast selection of stocked medical kits for over 2 decades.

What we have come to realize over the years is that first responders need a way to restock items in their kits that have been used on patients, without having to purchase the entire kit all over again. Furthermore, some customers have chosen to purchase a basic kit for instance, but still want to add items like QuikClot, a C.A.T. Tourniquet or an Israeli Pressure Bandage. We have come up with the perfect solution to not only make this process easier, but to make it more affordable to restock your kit.

Our new line of Lightning X MED PODS solves that problem! A dozen different mini restock kits (with more to come) to restock your trauma kit, or add other needed supplies to your existing kit. Our Bandage Refill Kit (LX-BRK) is our most popular MED POD, which includes all of the bandages and gauze needed to refill your bag. Want to put a tac-med spin on your kit?

Grab one of our Premium Hemorrhage Control MED PODs (LX-HEM-PREM), which includes everything you need to treat a gunshot wound or stabbing. Everybody runs out of medicines and ointments (or they expire). Our Topicals MED POD (LX-TOP-MED) includes triple antibiotic ointment, burn spray, first aid antiseptic spray, blood stop spray, eye wash, burn gel dressing, and much more!

With our growing selection of MED PODs, you’re sure to find one that will fit your needs. Have an idea for a new MED POD? Shoot us an email at [email protected] and check out our full line of MED PODs here .

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