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July 4th at Lightning X Products

In the days leading up to Independence Day (no, not the Alien movie), you’ll always find the Lightning X crew preparing for the annual cookout, and this year was no different. The Saturday prior to July 4th, the whole crew convened at our Charlotte, NC headquarters and warehouse for an evening of mischief.

Andy started off the evening with a small army of hotdogs, fresh off the grill, paired with an assortment of ‘tater chips, veggies, fruit, and an array of desserts. It wasn’t long before everyone had had their fill and began to make their way outside for a not-so-sober game of cornhole and fun with sparklers, Roman candles, and Pop-its.

Finally, darkness fell, and it was time for the highlight of the night: Fireworks. A small arsenal of explosives waited anxiously to be lit as the first fireworks of the night were laid out on the pavement. Lighters at the ready, the audience took their seats in a crowd of lawn chairs, and off they went – the whistling bungholes, spleen spliters, whisker biscuits, honkey lighters, hoosker dos, hoosker dont’s, cherry bombs, nipsy daisers – with or without the scooter stick – and a single whistling kit.

A Lightning X event is never complete without some moment of mischief, however, and the 4th of July was no different. As the fireworks transitioned from small novelties to full aerial displays, no one was more surprised than one employees’ mom, when a small firework misfired, sending shells flying in every direction except their intended direction . . . up.

As everyone ducked to avoid the flying chunks of flaming potassium and burning sulfur, she was shocked to discover an entire section of hair had fallen victim and was smoking furiously! The small sparks were quickly extinguished, and shortly after laughs were shared by all as they recounted their encounter with the AWOL firework. thankfully she didn’t need one of our stocked first aid kits . 😅


The night wore on and the pile of fireworks diminished until all that was left was the finale:

A dazzling, long-awaited display of Lightning X favorites. With yummy food, fun, games, wild costumes, and always a dash of mischief, a great time was had by all as we celebrated the birth of our nation, and some much-needed quality time with one another.

Lightning X wishes you a happy 4th of July! If you’d like to see more photos and video from our celebration, including the infamous firework mishap, check out our Facebook. 

Stay safe out there!

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