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Assembling Your IFAK (LXPB15-SKJ)

We get a lot of questions from customers asking ``how do I assemble my kit``?

Most of our kits ship out with the supplies in one box and the bag packaged separately. One of the reasons that we do this is because the kit itself would be a lot more expensive if we had to assemble each one before shipping it. But the main reason is that there are about 100 different ways to arrange all of the supplies in each one of our bags, and every person has their own preference on how to do it to their liking.

With that said, we decided it would be a good idea to put together an instructional video on how “we” think the kit should be arranged. Even if this isn’t exactly how you would put it together, it should serve as a good starting point to give you an idea of where things should go, and why they go there.

For this video we are demonstrating how to assemble our LXPB15-SKJ MOLLE IFAK Kit. This is one of our most popular kits for schools, and also one of the most affordable IFAK’s we sell. It includes things like an Israeli Bandage, CPR Mask, Nasal Airway, Blood Stop Dressing, and much much more.

We hope that this video serves as an educational experience and helps you arrange your new Lightning X trauma kit to your liking. Have another kit that you’d like us to do a video on? Just shoot us an email and we’ll add it to our list. Be safe out there, and thanks for watching!

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