First Aid, Tactical


About 8 years ago, Lightning X saw a need for better options for IFAK (Individual First Aid Kits) kits available to the public, military and first responders. With a rise in school shootings and the reemergence of tourniquets as a viable life-saving device in the field, IFAKs became very popular very fast.

Essentially a small kit with core live saving supplies without all the bulk of a full trauma kit, IFAKs can be attached to MOLLE gear, stored in the glove compartment of a car, or even mounted to a wall in a school or business, similar to an AED.

An IFAK generally has a few core components: A tourniquet (like a R.A.T.S or C.A.T.), a hemostatic – or blood clotting agent (such as QuikClot), a pressure dressing (usually an Israeli or Hemorrhage Control Bandage), one or more chest seals (North American Rescue Hyfin Chest Seals are the most popular, but Lightning X also offers our own brand LX-CSV as a more economical option), and most often a nasal airway (LXNPA-28). Other items may include nitrile gloves, trauma shears, duct tape, sharpie, ABD pads, compressed crinkle gauze, self-adherent wrap and more.

When we designed these kits, we chose to offer many different options to fit any budget or real-world situation. From the economy LXPB15-SKJ IFAK, to the LXPB50-SKL Officer’s Patrol Kit, there really is a kit for everyone.

We also chose to pack the supplies separate from the pouch –because every person packs their kit differently. We wanted customers to be able to arrange their kit in whatever way suited their specific needs the best. We offered videos on how to best stock your bag, and diagrams on which items fit best in a certain order, etc.

After answering hundreds of phone calls and thousands of emails of customers asking us how to stock their kit, we realized that there was an overwhelming need for people to receive their kit ready to use right out of the box. So this year we have invested heavily in 3 new production lines, including new employees, a shrink wrap heat tunnel, dozens of new bins and tables, and lots of training! But we can now say with confidence that every gunshot or IFAK kit purchased from Lightning X Products or will now come fully assembled.

This was not an easy process. We had to do our research in scouring through hundreds of customer pictures and talking with real world first responders on what the best way to stock these supplies in a way that the end user will be prepared for a real-world emergency.


With our growing selection of pre-stocked IFAK Trauma Kits, you’re sure to find one that will fit your needs. Have an idea for a new IFAK? Shoot us an email at [email protected] and check out our full line of tactical trauma kits at

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